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Duo by Kittyotic
Adventures of...
Wing-it & The Purple Finch
Rooftop's Not Big Enough For The Both Of Us... by KittyoticSplit Up by Kittyotic
DC Comic's Inspired OC's...


Permit Me Entrance Into Your Soul by Kittyotic
An Original Story Based In A World Of Dreams And Nightmare!
Composed By Kittyotic
Somnia: Chapter 1
Chapter 1: world of strange
By: GirlDom.DeviantArt.Com (c)
He haunts me, cripples, and taunts me.
Every shadow I see takes his form and my world is from there on torn.
Like a gash of wonder, my mind sings with a thunder as he pulls me abruptly under.
His hand snear's my own and I tremble to the very core of my bone.
I feel like I'm falling into sunshine without forestalling.
No ground beneath my feet when we leap.  No air within my lungs, as we plunge, further, deeper down as reality is expunged.
The light, it blinds my eyes with strong disarray-- Soon though it vanishes in gentle delay, providing a rainbow of colors that dare not betray the landscape of fantasy stretching without any bay.
Have I lost my mind somehow?  Have I fallen and died just now?
I panic and try to wake back up before I believe this all to be real.  Am I truly that naïve?
Then I'm reminded once more of the hand that still claims mine.  Attached to
Somnia: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Trust the Twisted?
By: GirlDom (c)
In front of me it appears, a beast with feline ears.  
From air to smoke, from smoke to fur, it forms out as a barrier mindset on obstructing my path with callous purrs.
Is it a dragon, is it a cat?  It bears wings like a bat, but stands like a lion.  Is Cassius supposed to be my Orion?  
The creature is huge and its paws so stocky.  Oil black talons donned them I noticed as he leaned towards me and my balance turned rocky.
"Get away!"  I said.  "Get away from me both of you!"  I snapped.  "I dare not remain here!  My departure is long overdue!"
"Escape you may never no matter how hard thou shall endeavor!"  the monster growled without a humble tone—none whatsoever.
I inch further away, unwillingly adsorbing back into Cassius's hands.  The moment I feel him—a wall behind me, I slip back away like
Somnia : Chapter 3
Chapter 3: Blazing Spark
By: GirlDom (c)
The scabbard to my back, bearing a dragon blade transforms into a coat of glossy black
with the rest of my exaggerate attire as I attack, hammering the razor edge down across the nail with a crack.  I leave an awakening impact.
Zion howls shook me so.  Then his body coiled up within the cover of the raining leaves and my body was let go.
"My talon you have split it!  Oh, how that will not utterly do!  Naughty little girl!  Shame on you!"
"I was here to aid!  Save you from that man!  Now I only wish to harm you!  And harm you I can!"
Zion snarled and hissed-- Jeered with anything but bliss, though I dismissed his impassioned growls.  I was far too focused on landing back down over the awaiting ground and coming out of my twist.  
I landed abruptly.  My heart jolted nearly to a stop once my torso jerked to a lively, unprepa
Somnia : Chapter 4
Chapter 4: Trifles
By: GirlDom (c)
"Where are you taking him?" I asked in a whim as the fairy lifts Cassius by the thumb of his right limb and began to carry him along as he'd swim through the air of the forest, spark never growing dim, no matter how grim his demeanor twisted within.  
"Shoo, little pest!  I'll handle the rest.  It would indeed be best if you left without protest.  That was what you wanted after all?  Was it not your sole quest?"
I follow the fairy cautiously.  Now my head spins nauseously.  
I am famished and lost beyond the doubt!  The only thing I could do on my own is cry and pout without a clear route or scout to help me out.
"Alright, I know I need a helping hand.  I was jerked into this world by him, don't you understand? Now that man is in my debt and will be obligated to get me out of this upside-down land."
"He brought you here? Oh, that is a laugh! Such
Somnia: Chapter 5
Chapter 5: Castle in the Sky
By: GirlDom (c)
My arms hooked alongside his pits when towing him behind Kalama, leading the way while throwing fits.  My lip I bit to force my silence in replace of snappy wit in which I yearned to submit but could not permit.
The bug tugged Cassius on ahead by the flap of his right boot.  Complaining and ranting, his song was more continuous then one of a flute.  It irked me at the very root, but my self-control was absolute.
I had to keep it together.  I knew once we reached this "peak" place things would get…better?  
As for now I placed my responsibility on this man of woozy.  There was no chance I'd become his flusy—no way, no how—I am far too choosy.
But his light whimpers of ache-- my shields of forbearance did they break.  Much blood loss did this wound make.  The sooner we reached supplies to mend this cut the better for his sake. 
Somnia: Chapter 6
Chapter 6: Shadows Of Disgrace
By: GirlDom (c)
Tumbling down-- My conscious feels like it hit the ground.  Consumed in the darkness, I hear no sound until a wave of motion gathers all around.  With a pound, movement unbound and began to surround!
Before I felt lost in a bottomless oblivion...  Now reality washes across me and the colors fade to dim.
What just transpired?  My eyes feel so tired as I acquire my bearings with great desire.
“Clementine Thatcher!  Have you no elegant stature!?  Your etiquette is utterly fractured!  What a disaster!”  My mother’s ringing voice was truly a scratcher.
My eyes opened wide to find myself lying over my dinner plate where it looked as if I had just died.  I jerked back with the strings of my distorted bun soaring in a glide.  My breath was untied when realizing I sat amongst a banquet table inside in the company of at least a hundred other aristocrats and their disgusted scowls of
Somnia: Chapter 7
Chapter 7: Eye of the Storm
(c) Kittyotic
Wake again If I can…  All I can remember is the foul man who caught me before I ran…  Oh how this was so utterly unplanned…
Somnolent I feel, unable to move my limbs without an effort of great deal.  This effect of immobility was a tenacious foe to appeal.
Though this poison that has turned my figure flaccid, it will not imprison my will that remains placid, not even if my core burns like acid!
I will not befall a victim again!  I am so through-- done with this damsel-in-distress nonsense that I demand to end!  To play the weakling I will no longer pretend! 
But how I shall subside this spellbound illness I am not exactly certain…  Finally I hear the incline of a curtain.
The lashes and lids of my eyes unsealed finally and just then I heard a sound shoot into my right ear of jolly.  Completely fluste

Copyright 9 by Th3EmOo



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